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AutoBrush Kids Electric Toothbrush

Is getting your kids to brush a hassle? Well look no further! AutoBrush for kids will make brushing much easier. Plus it puts the word Fun back into brushing! The tooth brush comes in all different colors with adorable, animal-faced handle. What I truly love is the music that it plays to get your kids dancing through their 2 minute brushing time. Your kids will not have to put a pause on play time to maintain a picture-perfect smile!

What is AutoBrush for Kids?

AutoBrush Automatic electric toothbrush is a brush your child can use for an effective yet way of reducing plaque and gingivitis. AutoBrush is designed to brush all teeth at once for a whole 2-minutes, The bristles cover each tooth in both arches to have a convenient way to brush. The AutoBrush caters to your child's small hands for a perfect fit. The bristles are much more powerful than a regular brush and is also safe for the gingivia, Another bonus is that the AutoBrush brushes are compatible to braces.

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